Crafts that kept me busy during COVID

Due to everything being online, I have found myself with a lot of extra time. Yes, I have spent it on Netflix, Hulu, and Tik Tok, but I’ve also gotten into crafts. You may have seen my new page promoting my Etsy shop (if not, check it out!). The necklaces I am selling are inspired by my years-long enjoyment of making jewelry. In addition to starting an Etsy shop, I finished a few more unique crafts. If you’re looking for fun ideas to pass the time, keep on reading!


The left picture shows my efforts after a week of painting! I’ve made progress, but I still have a while to go. I got this set at Michael’s, and it came with the reference photo on the right plus paints and paintbrushes. Michael’s had a lot of designs to choose from and ranged from beginner to intermediate to challenging. Clearly, I chose the challenging level. Let me tell you: challenging really is challenging! But it is so relaxing. I set up my latest Netflix binge (recently it’s been The Vampire Diaries) and get to work.

Painted Cooler

This is actually the craft that I started with that got me into painting. I wanted to give my brother something usable, personalized, and on theme for his 21st birthday. My friend at school had painted a cooler for her boyfriend’s 21st, so I asked her for some tips before starting out. This cooler took me about 2-3 months to complete! Granted, I was only working on it after class… And sometimes during Zoom class. I am so happy with how it turned out! If a tutorial on how I did this would be of interest to you, readers, let me know!

Wire-wrapped rings

Here is Jessie with her gorgeous manicure modeling the two types of rings I made

My sister, Jessie, inspired our other sister and me to make wire-wrapped rings. On the same Michael’s trip where I got the paint-by-numbers, we picked up two different gauges of silver and copper wire plus some fun beads. It took some practice, but I’m starting to get the hang of it. I am even considering adding them to my Etsy shop… What do you think?

Bleached Jeans

Of all my crafts, this one contained the most trial and error to complete. I originally wanted to do a color block jean that I saw trending on Tik Tok last summer. Something like this:

Unfortunately, I attempted this project while at school and living in on-campus housing. I did not have all of the right materials, but I tried my best. It was going well… Until the bleach started bleeding through to the other pant leg. Then I tried to make that mistake look purposeful and actually made them look messier. It was not going as planned, so I scrapped the color blocking idea and bleached the whole jean when I got home for break. They turned out better than I expected! The dark seams give them a cool style I hadn’t anticipated. I’m not done with them yet, though. I want to give them rips, which I hope goes better than the bleaching!

Final Thoughts

Have you tried any of these crafts or do you have any of your own quarantine crafts you’d like to share? Comment below! I’d love to hear some new ideas!



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