Sharing my adventures with you, one destination at a time. 

Here are our travels in Ireland in June 2019. We stayed in Dublin, and took a bus across the country to Galway, where we played Ed Sheeran’s song Galway Girl and also made a stop to see the Cliffs of Moher. At Trinity College, the girls got matching Claddagh rings.

In London, we saw as much as we could in just a few short days, including Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Piccadilly Circus, and many, many pubs. One of my favorite memories was climbing to the very top of the Cathedral, which were too many steps to count, so we could see miles of London in all directions.

Paris was such a cool adventure, too. One of my favorite memories was eating a lunch of bread, cheese, and wine under the Eiffel Tower before climbing all the way to the top. I also loved watching the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team beat France’s team in a bar near our apartment. The art in the Louvre was breathtaking, and Versailles was as grand as you can imagine.

This video was created after an amazing adventure in Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Lake Powell, and the Grand Canyon. It was a great experience and made training for the 11 mile hike down the canyon worth it! Check out the highlights from our trip in the video above!

This video showcases my picturesque vacation in South Carolina, created using my new waterproof camera!

*Song Creds: Stardust (Forever Young) by Emily Zeck*

Check out this video I made of my adventures in New York City! Please also see my post about my 3-day trip on my home page. 

*Song Creds: Welcome to New York by Taylor Swift*

Half Dome – July 29, 2016

Of all the places I’ve visited and all the mountains I’ve climbed, this is, by far, my favorite view from the top. This shot is from the top of Sentinal Dome in Yosemite National Park, CA. Every time I see this photo, I get chills. You can see for miles in this one picture. The mountains are so big and clear that it almost looks fake. The grooves and colors carved into the sides make it look like a painting. But this is real. This is what nature and millions of years of icebergs slowly sliding their way south can create. It really makes you realize just how little you and your problems are. At least, that’s how it made me feel. And to think, I almost didn’t make it to the top. 

My older brother wanted to race on the path leading up to Sentinal Dome, so I sprinted up this steep hill in 100 degree heat. It was not the best decision. I got light headed and had to stay back while part of my family moved on to the top. I almost just waited with my mom until they came back down and would continue on with them without ever experiencing such an amazing view. My mom encouraged me to not wait and to continue climbing at my own pace. I was tired, hot, and frustrated, but I kept climbing until I was 8,000 feet in the air. 

When I got up to the top, the light rock was blinding and I struggled to catch my breath. In the center of the dome, there was a single flat rock a little higher than the rest. I stepped up on it and took it all in. No words can describe the first time I realized I was looking at California from the height of a mountain. I felt strong and tall, flying as high as the birds, but I also felt so small compared to the view. God created this: this moment, these mountains, me. He shaped my life in such a way that when I stepped up on that rock, I felt closer to Him than ever before. The power of nature and its beauty is unforgettable. All of my little issues, like little quarrels with my siblings or the icky feeling of sweat from the dry heat, vanished. I was truly one with nature and a part of its beauty. 

The experience is one I will never forget. 

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