Post-Quarantine Style: Boho Chic Aesthetic

I thought I was sold on the classic tailored look for when COVID restrictions are lifted. However, as it turns out, I cannot possibly decide on just one fashion aesthetic! I want to be Hailey Bieber, both Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl, and Olivia Rodrigo in her drivers license music video. More recently, though, I have been inspired by young Donna Sheridan from Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again. My friends, sisters, mom and I adore Mamma Mia 1 and 2 and have rewatched the movies numerous times. The setting is too beautiful and story line too sweet to not adore the movies.

Donna’s wardrobe makes me want to pack my life into a vintage suitcase and travel. Her look is carefree, colorful, natural, graceful… Do I need to go on? The movie did take place in the 70s, so I’d like to describe her aesthetic as a 1979 Free People clothing line.

I am convinced this style can be achieved with a handful of pieces everyone has or can easily get. The look is effortless and cool, without being too Coachella or van life. As I was scrolling through Pinterest for more inspiration, I noticed jewel and earth tones, flowing fabrics, ruffles, and warmth. (Read: this style is not ideal for PA winters.) Nonetheless, it is an achievable everyday look. Below are the top pieces you should have to rock this boho chic aesthetic.


Denim is so versatile, and young Donna clearly knows it. She wears denim throughout the movie, mostly in the shape of her classic overalls. Below is my attempt at re-creating one of her outfits with a thin button-down instead of full denim jacket.


I needed to make jeans a separate category from denim because they are a staple in boho style. To really match Donna, get a pair of flare jeans. Flare jeans did not go out of style with the Dynamos. Bell-bottoms are making a comeback! I recently got the black pair pictured below from American Eagle. Depending on what top you wear, you can make any blue jean look boho chic. Check out the bell-sleeved blouse option below.


Floral, off-white, solid-colored, etc. You cannot go wrong with a sundress, and skirts make for the comfiest dressed-up fit. Note: The flowier the better.


Finally, accessories can pull a whole outfit together. A lot of boho looks include a wide-brimmed hat. Others have a crochet bag or basket purse, like the one I have. Still others like stacking necklaces or bracelets. Hair scarves are my personal favorite. All of these accessory options are how you can complete your boho chic fit.

What do you think of this look? Did I include all the must-have pieces to revamp your wardrobe, boho chic style?

Enjoy your new outfit inspiration!




  1. Yes! I love the boho chic look too! There are many pieces of a boho chic aesthetic being sold at Altar’d State as well!! I want to completely redo my closet to achieve this look! Thanks for the tips! They were great!

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