Why We Love OBX on Netflix

Have you finished the first season of Outer Banks on Netflix yet? The one that takes place in the summer on the beautiful North Carolinian east coast? The one that stars four teen best friends on a legit treasure hunt while they battle kooks, feelings, and meddling adults? If you haven’t, stop reading. Go watch. You will not regret it. I’m serious. But I will warn you: after watching, you’ll 100% want to buy a vintage beat-up VW bus, live in a bathing suit, and move to Charleston (where it was mostly filmed).

Now that the real ones are still reading, let’s talk about Outer Banks. I feel like we need to have this discussion because I can’t remember the last time a one-season show has taken over social media and the hearts of all viewers, male and female alike, as fast as this one. I will acknowledge that we are in quarantine, and I can’t remember the last time that happened, either. However, I really, truly believe that Outer Banks is such a high-quality show that it would thrive outside of isolation. Let’s dive into it.

First and foremost, there’s an additional disclaimer I feel the need to recognize. The actors are gorgeous. The girls’ flawless no-makeup look and the boys’ messy-neat surfer hair perfectly compliment the show content and their own attractiveness. I watched Madelyn Cline’s IG takeover on the official OBX Instagram where she detailed her everyday skincare routine. Here’s the pic of all her products:

BRB, online ordering all of these…

Moving on from the actors’ blessed genes, let’s reflect on why we feel such a strong connection to 10 episodes. Think about what the show is about: kids banding together, forming new romances, exploring, and living their summer lives to the fullest, almost completely devoid of phones. I concluded that my strong connection is from watching these teenagers reconnect with a childlike curiosity of adventure, while maintaining the best summer vibes possible. Phones distract us. They have the ability to isolate us indoors. Though we have to stay indoors for the most part right now, I think Outer Banks has inspired our generation to get back to our natural, youthful, adventurous spirit.

The same train of thought is applicable to why we, as a generation, love the 60s, 70s, and 80s vibes, too. Pretty in Pink is one of my faves. The Breakfast Club is iconic. One of our childhood TV shows even remade it for an episode. I have a whole Spotify playlist devoted to “oldies” music, and my “Pogue Life” playlist contains some classic tunes as well. We feel such a strong connection to a time period we never lived through for the same reason we feel such a strong connection to Outer Banks. Teenagers deal with their teenage problems, of course, and parents/adults are a source of antagonism, of course, but the freedom to be adventurous without technology is a freedom we will never experience. Although, without technology, I wouldn’t be able to listen to my “Pogue Life” playlist… Spotify username is katie305-us. You’re welcome:)

Overall, I am not demonizing technology or phones. After all, I couldn’t listen to my playlist without it. I’m just calling to attention the fact that maybe after this quarantine is over, we should go on a few adventures. A treasure hunt or two. Though, definitely, hopefully, without ~murder~ or psycho kooks.



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