Post-Quarantine Style: Preppy Chic Aesthetic

As I’m sure you all can relate, quarantine has decreased my motivation to put on real clothes. I change out of my pajamas into comfy exercise clothes in the morning, then back into pajamas after a shower. This definitely is a low-maintenance, cozy cycle, but it makes me miss real clothes. So, I’ve been looking at some aesthetic style boards and have decided I want to change my style and up my fashion game once quarantine is over.

Granted, all of my favorite clothing items are in Virginia, along with my best makeup, shoes, and belongings, but that’s a slight hiccup some other college students can identify with. I’m writing this post as inspiration for when I have access to my full closet again, maybe in June, maybe July. Maybe I’ll just be stuck in my pajamas-workout clothes cycle forever!

The style I want to go for is preppy chic. Think Blair Waldorf: classy, tailored, and feminine.

Images from Google

I have most of the pieces I need to achieve her iconic style, but it’s all about picking them out and putting them together. Unfortunately, these pieces are at school, so I got some Google photos. Here are the most essential pieces of the preppy chic style:

Oxford top

Surprisingly, I am not tired of the classic button-down top from seven years of school uniforms. The best part about non-uniform oxford tops is that they come in all colors, patterns, and materials. Plus, they can be worn alone or under a sweater.


Again, the plaid skirt was boring when I had to wear it as a uniform, but outside of uniforms, they can be super preppy chic. Besides plaid skirts, a pencil or pleated skirt is a good staple piece to have.


I have just one black blazer from Target, mostly because I thought they were only for job interviews or business occasions. Little did I know oversized and colorful blazers could all be classy fashion statements.


As we all know, Blair’s most iconic accessory is her headband. They’re not my favorite, but I like hair scarves, layered necklaces, and cute shoes (the Carrie Bradshaw in me!).

Once I get back to my clothes, I’ll update you with my new style. Stay safe!



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