Monday Mantra

Happy Monday!!!

This is how I would start the morning announcements in my high school at the start of every week. (Yes, the three exclamation points are appropriate). Truthfully, I never felt as enthusiastic as I sounded (which is funny because people used to tell me I was too positive). But I knew my voice would set the tone for the rest of the day for the students and teachers who heard me, so I put on a smile and greeted the microphone with a “happy Monday!!!”

Ironically, faking the enthusiasm and positivity ultimately caused me to feel genuinely enthusiastic and positive. By forcing a smile, I actually felt happier. Sound like fake news? I thought so, too. So I looked into it.

According to an article on Psychology Today, your movements are noted by your brain, and they affect your emotions. So when you flex the zygomatic major muscle – when you smile – it tricks your brain into being happy. Psychology is amazing, and it is not just for doctors and scientists to learn about. We can use psychological facts like this in our daily lives.

If you’re a student, you know this time of year is really crunch time with finals and projects and all the lessons the teachers have to teach before the second semester. If you’re an adult, you know this time of year is really crunch time with holiday plans and finishing work projects before the New Year. Overall,the general tone of our communities is busy and stressful.

My advice is to smile. Instead of allowing the thought “I am stressed” to run through your brain with its painful stiletto high heels, force the thought, “I will smile.” And then do it!

I am going to make this first week of December great. Despite my essay and big exam today, I will smile, and I hope this post helps you choose to smile, too.

Mantra of the Week: I change my thoughts, I change my world.



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  1. Very good. There is a section in one of the chapters in my book that talks about the exact same thing. I guess it is true what they say: The apple does not fall far from the tree.


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