Power Color

Think of a color. Any color. The first one that comes to your mind is perfect.

In an effort to refocus my mind and attain perfect peaceful sleep in my busy life, I have turned to meditation.

Meditation is not to “turn off” your mind. Instead, it is to recognize your thoughts, just acknowledge them, and let them go while you focus on your breath in the present moment.

I personally LOVE it and would recommend it to anyone who has a busy life and needs some “me” time.

There is an app I use before I go to bed where I choose my nightly meditation. In one of my favorites for decreasing anxiety and stress, the pleasant speaker with a slight accent tells me to think of a color.

Do you remember yours?

This is basically your power color. The mediation tells me to make a protective bubble around myself made of this color. When I go out into the world, I will have my colorful bubble, and I will be able to handle anything that comes my way.

This exercise seems so simple, but the thought process behind it is so powerful. I cannot control everything that goes on, but I can control my reactions. My “bubble” can protect me in the same way that thinking before speaking can. It seems elementary, but it works!

My bubble is pale yellow. Perhaps this reflects my love for sunflowers or symbolizes the positivity of sunshine. It doesn’t matter how it came to mind, it only matters how I make use of my light yellow bubble.

I am part of a leadership organization at school where we create lessons for elementary school kids. The lesson I created this past week is called “I Like Me.” My team will be helping the kids make bracelets with specific color beads based on their uniqueness. For example, a purple bead is for athleticism and a green bead is for artistic skill. The second to last bead is a color of choice. The kids have to explain what their special bead signifies.

My bead would be yellow, and it would signify my pursuit toward positivity in every situation, especially the ones where I feel I need my protective bubble.

What is your color?



Pic creds: We Heart It

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