Dancing Queen

Seventeen is an exciting age… I have my own magazine now; I have to seriously start considering college; According to ABBA, I’m a dancing queen; According to my parents, I’m still just a crazy teenager! (I prefer the ABBA definition, but I’ll let you choose your favorite).

In celebration of my seventeenth birthday yesterday, I want to post a series of seventeen of my favorite photos from being sixteen and the significance these photos have in my life.

Enjoy a look into a former 16-year-old’s crazy-fun world…

1. This is one of my favorite pictures of Pittsburgh, PA. It was taken after my family ran the Pittsburgh marathon in a relay. It was a great experience, and for those who have run in city-wide races before, you understand how amazing the feeing of being part of the crowd afterward is!

2. I love sunset pictures, and this one on a busy road is beautiful.

3. This photo of a farm was taken after an impromptu stop by my friends and me. We were driving and admiring the sky while wishing there was somewhere we could stop to take pictures. By pure chance, we saw a sign that said “lookout” so we pulled over to check it out! This is the road that leads out to the lookout spot.

4. Aquariums are my favorite touristy place! I have always loved the ocean, so I greatly appreciate seeing so many of God’s amazing creations in one place.

5. This was taken at the top of a difficult trail in Zion National Park in Utah. Many times my family and I had to stop to catch our breaths and motivate each other. The hard work really paid off because it led us to this incredible sight.

6. I am really proud of this day because it was the first time I was without an adult in the city. I planned out the whole day to spend with my friend before going to the Shawn Mendes concert. We rode the incline, used the T, and got to the venue on time!

7. Next up is one of my favorite photos from the concert. God was looking down on my three friends and me this day. An employee of Shawn’s tour gave us free front row tickets, and it was definitely one of the best days of my life! Certainly a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience.

8. Another miraculous photo from the concert; I am actually holding Shawn Mendes’s hand!

9. This photo is above the coast of Maine in October, a stunning fall shot.

10. Another sunset photo! I call this one, “cotton candy sky.”

11. This bracelet and photo reminds me to be thankful for all I have been given and to give back to the world because I am truly blessed. The other bracelet is my “Breathe” bracelet and calms my heart when times get tough.

12. Yes, another concert photo because 16-year-olds love going to concerts! This one is from Ed Sheeran’s Divide tour, which I reviewed in a previous post.

13. I did not edit this photo at all. I wanted to post a photo from the March for Life in D.C. that captured the phenomenal experience. We were all uplifted by the passion fellow advocates had to stand for life.

14. Sidney Crosby!! Need I say more?

15. I love football games! Similar to the energy after large races, football games bring people together and hype each other up, even when it is well below freezing.

16. My two dogs, Daisy and Chip, enjoy chilling by the water. I wanted to post a happy photo of the yellow lab, Daisy, because she recently passed away.

17. Finally, this photo was taken by my brother while on a mission trip in the Dominican Republic. The water color is so stunning! It makes me want summer even more.

There you have it! My seventeen favorite photos from being sixteen.

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