Appreciate the Priceless

I recently shared a birthday party with my best friend because our birthdays are a week apart. It’s really coincidental because I call her my twin: we’re both tall with long hair and laugh at the same things. So it was extra special to share a party with our friends.

If you ask my little sister, she’ll say birthdays are most exciting because of the presents. She’ll jump up and down and beg until she gets to rip open those colorfully wrapped boxes and see what’s inside. Honestly, I don’t think we ever truly grow up. We just learn how to conceal our excitement!

So although my best friend and I didn’t jump up and down, we did open our presents fairly early. It was fun to see how well my friends know me; I received a couple notebooks with travel quotes, which pretty much sum up my favorite things in the world! My “twin” also loved her gift, which I had thought about for weeks.

With new gifts on my mind, we decided to film a video for fun and play the “Superlatives” game Youtubers play. (It’s where you ask the group “who is most likely to…” and they all pick a name). Looking back on that night, I can’t remember who got me which gift. But I can remember how we all laughed as we decided on who was most likely to cry in public or who was most likely to get a stalker. It really made me realize that throughout life, it’s not about the things you collect… It’s about the memories.

Yeah, it’s cliche, but it’s cliche for a reason. At the end of the day, I probably won’t have that Kate Spade necklace. My “twin” won’t have the Tarte eyeshadow palette I got her. I definitely won’t have the videos we filmed. But I will have the memories. And when it comes down to it, I want to be remembered for making my friends smile, not for buying them an amazing gift one year. My life will be made up of moments – the fun adventures, devastating events, and everything in between. It’s these moments all of us will carry and collect until the end. Appreciate the priceless. It’s what will define your life.





*Photo Creds: We Heart It*


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