Choose to Shine

One frown, one word, can be the start of a horrible mood.

At the same time, one smile, one positive thought, can be the start of a happy life.

There’s not a big difference between the two beginnings: both are actions you choose to perform. The real difference lies in the consequences.

So if you’re going to have to choose to act a certain way, why not choose the way that will make you happy? You are in control of your moods, at all times. You can choose to dig a hole and climb inside, or you can choose to shine.

It’s really up to you.

Take my blog, this actual post that you’re reading right now, for example. I just started this blog a month ago and still only have a few followers. I could choose to dwell on the fact that I’m pretty sure my Mom is the only reader I have (thanks Mom!) or I can just keep doing what I love: writing and sharing my thoughts with you (whoever “you” are… probably still my Mom:).

Either way, hundreds of readers or just one, I am choosing to shine! Positivity is the only way I can succeed, because negativity would only suck me away from what I love. The farther away I am from negativity, the more productive I will be.

I apply this same philosophy to relationships. The friend who is confident in himself/herself and builds others up is always superior to the friend that complains about every little thing, from school to parents to if it starts raining after they straightened their hair (but let’s be real… frizz after 30 minutes of dedicated straightening is the absolute worst!) However, even if it is relatable, it’s not fun to keep talking about it! Find the humor in bad situations. I promise, you’ll have a much better memory than if you would have dwelled on the negatives.

IMG_8561 (2).JPG

Treat your mind like a garden. Make the effort to water her, nourish her, and send her plenty of sunshine.

Each and every day, choose to shine!





*Photo Creds: We Heart It*

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