It’s Pisces Season!

Top 3 SUPER EASY gift ideas for girlfriends & family

To kick off the beginning of Pisces season, which officially began yesterday, I wanted to share some great gift ideas a Pisces girl would particularly appreciate.

Pisces – who have a birthday between February 19th and March 20th – are known for their emotional capacity and friendliness. Pisces are particularly passionate, compassionate, and artistic.

Therefore, when gift shopping for a wise water sign, pick out a personalized or crafty present.

Below are three of my favorite ideas. Feel free to ask questions or share reviews and tips in the comments!

1. Color Theme – Yellow

credit: Pinterest

Use a bag or box (gift box or reuse a shoe box by wrapping it with wrapping paper) to fill with small gifts of the same color. Some ideas include:

  • candy
  • nail polish
  • face masks
  • bath bombs
  • journal

The sweet saying on the lid caught my eye: “May your birthday be filled with sunshine.” Hand write it for a personalized touch! My close friend is very talented in calligraphy and makes every handwritten letter, note, and project that much more special. Try imitating this:

credit: Google Images

2. “Open When” Letters

credit: Google Images

This is a super personalized (and FREE) gift idea for a special friend or relative. It’s important to plan ahead for this gift because writing the letters is a time-consuming project. Choose the number of letters you want to write. For example, if it is for an 18th birthday, you can write 18.

Ideas for “open when” themes:

Open when you…

1. receive these letters

2. need a laugh

3. miss me

4. are stressed

5. doubt yourself

6. need to make a big decision

I wrote 16 “open when” letters for my best friend when she turned 16. It was so fun writing the letters because I reminisced on all of our memories and incorporated them into the gift. She really loved them!

3. Birthstone Bracelet

I made this for a friend whose birthday is soon. I have always been into making jewelry, so I had plenty of string and beads on hand.

The sliding string knot was a little tricky, but after a YouTube video I was able to figure it out. The square knots allow the string to slide and make the bracelet adjustable.

To make this bracelet extra special, I used light blue Swarovski crystal beads from Jo-Ann Fabrics. Simple yet so cute!

There you have it! Three super easy, personalized, and affordable gifts for all your Pisces friends.



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