Shoutout to my Sisters

As the older sister to two beautiful (and crazy) girls, I’ve grown up just two steps ahead of them. For some reason, I was the one who wanted to fast forward to being older. I’ve wanted to be a teenager since elementary school, but now that I’m here, I’m questioning my motivation for wanting that! (See: AP classes, Jobs, and Responsibilities in General).
My sisters do not have the same desire to speed the process of maturity. I admire how they can play out elaborate and detailed games of Barbies or LEGO Friends, which is the girl version of LEGOS, with cute bakeries and concert venues. Toys R Us did not have this when I was their age! My older brother and I played with pirate and skeleton LEGOS instead. (Maybe this explains my rush to grow out of that!) 
When I was my sisters’ age, I thought hanging out with two little girls was the most uncool thing ever. At cheerleading banquets and our brother’s baseball games, I tried going off on my own or strictly playing with friends. Apparently I thought I was the coolest girl at every age and my little sisters couldn’t compare. I’ve realized a few years too late that the only way to get along with my sisters and introduce them to the “cool” world of being a big girl, is to spend time with them!
I finally understand why my parents were so driven to make us girls get along. Sisters are forever. My favorite tradition with my girls is to pose like Charlie’s Angels… Fake hand guns and all. It makes for some funny photos! We’re still working up to Hadid model sister pictures… Maybe next summer! 
This is a shoutout to all girls out there: Don’t disregard family, especially siblings. After all, they will go through the same things you did, or have already gone through what you will go through in the future. Love unconditionally and appreciate the love you get in return. 


photo creds: We Heart It

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